Expont D.o.o.

Professional approach, maximum effort to provide the best service is the base work of Novamedia. Excellent positioning in Google for the most important keywords has a positive effect on our business income.
Director - Slobodan Simonović - Expont - Beograd

Topers d.o.o.

The result of our registration and banners on the portals of Novamedia is the position of our website. Our website for more keywords is in the top 10 hints in Google.com search. We are satisfied with their services.
Director - Miroslav Petronijević - Topers - Beograd


For one year we are advertising on the portal of Novamedia through registration and banner on the front page. My general assessment is «THAT’S IT!»
Dircetor - Pavlović Milan - MP Tropic- Novi Banovci

Noval Doo

So far I had no website, but I think it is required for every company who want to do its business successfully. Our website was made by Novamedia, because it proved to be correct, accurate and ready for cooperation. We are satisfied with our website.
Noval Doo.

Termo - TIM d.o.o.

Shortly after registering in Novamedia we have gained several of new customers. They told us that they had found us in the database of this browser. Although I am familiar with the benefits of advertising on the internet, I was very pleasantly surprised with the speed of return of our investment. For one year our money will come back multiple.
Termo-Tim Doo. 21000 Novi Sad


I had already in my mind to make my salon “Toscana” available on the internet, but I neither had time and expertise to do it. The first step was registration of my company on the website of Novamedia. After 3 months we have expanded our circle of customers with 4 new clients. Appearing in search engine of Novamedia and in Google after 3 months I had more profit than I paid for the registering service! The next stage of the development of my company is making an own website and of course it is understood that Novamedia d.o.o. will be perfect for that part of the job!


MS Termopro

Zavod Za Geotehniku

Noval Doo


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