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Novamedia Google AdWords Paket

What is Google AdWords?

Advertising through Google AdWords system is one of the most efficient ways of advertising.

By means of Google Adwords the user can be able to reach target audience by direct way.

You don't have to pay for publication of your ad; you just pay per click – visits, that mean interested persons click on your ad.

This way you can be sure that you will pay only for visits on your web site, what means visits of potential customers who are interested in your company, your services or your products.

For example if you sale agricultural machinery and you use Google AdWords advertising system you can be sure that your ad won't be appear in other categories.

We recommend this way of advertising for those who:

  • want to use only the most efficient way of advertising
  • want to advertise only for his target group
  • knows that they have to advertise, because through advertising they can acquire new customers of buyers
  • knows that it is especially important to measure the degree of success and effectiveness of the ad

Benefits of this ad: 

  • it is measurable
  • you can always calculate the profit gained by these ads
  • your adds will appear on thousands of web sites for free
  • pay only per click, not for publishing
  • your add will appear for only those keywords you determine
  • there are no monthly subscriptions, no hidden costs, you pay only for visits

How much is the profit of my advertising campaign?

To calculate the profits we have to know that from 100 visitors on the web site how many of them have become customers and how much is the profit on each customer.

For example:

  • by the permanent customer we earn 5.000 RSD per year
  • of 100 visitors on the web site two will become permanent customers
  • our advertising campaign works with 0.5% conversational rate, that means the ad has appeared 100.000 times, of which 500 interested has click on it, so 500 additional visitors have come on your site, and 10 of them become your customers, that means the profit is = 10 x 5.000 = 50.000RSD.

This means that if we spent less than 50.000 on advertisement then this was cost-effective.

How much does it cost?

Novamedia Google AdWords package

The package includes:

  • kulcsszavak kiválasztásához tanácsadás
  • 5 keywords + 5 optional keywords
  • expert advice for selection of keywords
  • limitation of daily cost of advertising or appointing another daily limit for it
  • expert advice for text preparation
  • monitoring and handling of campaign
  • report on the end of campaign
  • the ads appear on the territory of Serbia on Serbian language
  • the estimated duration of the campaign is *15-36 days
  • estimated appearance is *200.000

The duration and the number of appearance depend on several factors. For detailed information contact us on 024/533-837 or

This package costs: 15.000 + 9.000 = 24.000 RSD + PDV

15.000 RSD – Advertising costs
9.000 RSD – preparing, maintenance and monitoring the campaign

What do you lose if you don't take advantage of the opportunity of Google AdWords advertising?

This system works as a “money making machine”! 30.000RSD investment can bring you 50.000RSD that means 20.000RSD clearly profit.

Our packages are made so that even the most cautious entrepreneur can try it with minimal risk.

Try today Novamedia Start package and earn with!