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Novamedia Business csomag


For whom do we recommend it?

  • for those who haven't been presented on the internet before, but they understood that they can earn with the internet
  • for those who want their products and services to be in a prominent place in browsers
  • for those who already have a web site but the number of visitors is small, because users can not found it
  • for those who want to increase their income by using the internet
  • for those who know that it is worth to be present in multiple languages, because internet has no limits
  • for those who have realized that increasing the traffic of the web site is a good investment
  • for those who cannot pay thousands of euros for optimization
  • for those who want to get quickly a good position in search engines 


 If you need a web site look at package  WebDynamic Start!

What does it contain?

  • Publication in three languages (Serbian, English, Hungarian)
  • in three browsers of Novamedia (, ,, in Serbian link center ( and in regional browser (
  • Translation of basic data and maximally 10 sentences of presentation of the company
  • Link to your web site (if you don't have a website yet look at our Web Dynamic Lite package).
  • Publishing 15 pictures in our system.
  • Conversion of video and publishing it in our system.

The price of Business package for 12 months is

15.000RSD + tax

What are the benefits for those who have no web site?

  • Your business will be visible on the internet next day.
  • With more than 10000 keywords in system, Novamedia is leading with results in the search engine of Google, what means that your company will be visible for interested even if you have no web site.
  • A detailed presentation about your company with address, phone numbers, pictures, video and text on 3 languages.
  • Some of our interested clients – who also don't have their own website – can find you only through the database of Novamedia. 
  • We have 8-11.000 visits daily, that means we forward 8-11.000 interested people to our clients.
  • The visitors of Novamedia are looking for specific business information. 

Why is it worth to buy Business package if you already have a web site?

  • It isn't enough to have a web site, it has to be easy to find.
  • With more than 10.000 keywords in system, Novamedia is leading with results in the search engine of Google. We are directing our visitors to your web site.
  • If your web site is new then it is extremely important that visitors quickly find it, in case of Novamedia helps you.
  • Later the system of Novamedia continuously directs visitors to your web site!