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The services of Novamedia are intended for entrepreneurs who:

  • want to earn with their website
  • knows that having a good website isn't enough, but it is extremly inportant to be found on the internet
  • knows that their website works for them 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
  • want to be present for internet users who became more and more people every day (in Serbia are estimated nearly 5.000.000 internet users)
  • want to increase the profit of their company throug the internet
  • do not want to fall behind in the competition on the market
  • who wants to stay alive in the competition which is increasing

15 years ago mobile phones were news, and now they are indispensable tools. If we ask a entrepreneur if he could emagine work without a cell phone probably the answer would be no or maybe yes but with inconventions. Nowadays it is the same with the internet and this tendency will be in the future even more amplified.  As late your company appears on the internet, it leaves more space for competitors that has been faster, what leads to risk the future of your company.

Traffic increasing

For those who have website but the want to use it more!




About the services of Novamedia

Through the SEO optimized website, customers and partners can easily find our customers, increasing the lead over the competitors. Now presentation on the internet is available for those entrepreneurs too who lack of information, lack of specialists or because of limited financial resources were not able to take the advantage of the internet. Our services starting from the simplest registration to creating your own website and later through online marketing campaigns are available to companies that have limited resources and for private entrepreneurs. 

Benefits of the services of Novamedia:

  • your business will be visible and accessible on the internet even if you have no website yet
  • thanks to optimized business database of Novamedia users can easily find you through major search engines (Google, Yahoo)
  • the number of people who have heared about your business will increase,
  • it will increase the traffic to your website what will
  • increase your sales and profit,
  • it is a cheaper form of advertising than traditional offline media or advertising in newspapers

What do you lose if you don't use the services of Novamedia?

Many peoples don't understand what kind of consequences will be if the are not present on the internet. Our customers know that they don't have to worry about the following things:

  • that 5 million regular internet users will not be able to find them on the internet
  • that managers, of which 90% are using the internet, won't be able to find them on the internet
  • that customers will find their competiting company, and buy from competitors
  • that they will have fewer new customers
  • that their turnover and profit will decrease
  • that they will spend more on advertising than its competitors, which are already using the benefits of the internet.

Still not decided? We will help you!

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