WDL 1.


WDL - WebDynamic Lite


Novamedia WebDynamic Lite


The package includes:

  • Maximally 10 dynamic pages that the user can update and change if it is necessary, such as: product list, photo gallery, product description
  • Search box
  • Continuous data recovery
  • System maintenance
  • E-mail sending opportunity (to the site owner)
  • .co.rs or .rs domain
  • SEO system - Custom settings for search engines
  • Maximally 100 pictures
  • 50 MB space
  • Update 5 times a year
  • 1 email address
  • Counting visits (Google Analytics)
  • Novamedia registration package in four trilingual business portals and in link center for 1 year.

 If you need more, look at package WebDynamic!

Web Dynamic Lite package is intended for entrepreneurs who:

  • want to earn with their web site, to increase the profit of the company through the internet
  • knows that having a good web site isn't enough , but it is extremely important to be found on the internet with a good position
  • want multilingual presentation
  • wants to update its web site with the latest information, whose products and services are changing several times a year

The content can be change and update without any special informatics knowledge or experience.

It is easy like making a Word document, and it can be done even in an internet café.


When you order an AdWords campaign we will build in your web site the conversational code free. This helps you to measure the success of the campaign on a simple and easy way.

More information you can find in our Google AdWords offer.


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Additional services that can be ordered with this package:

  • Together both domains (.co.rs and .rs) - +3000 RSD+PDV
  • Additional pages depending on size from 500 to 1500 RSD per page +PDV
  • +70 MB additional space - +3000 RSD+PDV